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Research at Hadassah


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Cutting-edge medicine practiced at a high level of distinction is found where physicians are involved in vibrant and active research.

Hadassah Medical Organization has a long standing and deep belief that research is the essence of medicine. Therefore Hadassah remains as committed to advancing and developing the field of medicine in Israel, and globally, by translating research insights into practical developments. Hadassah embraces a broad view of the needs of society in the field of medicine and is always striving to prolong and enhance the quality of life. Hadassah sets 'excellence in research' as one of the highest of its goals and makes research activity the norm, remaining committed in encouraging its physicians to participate in research.

Research at Hadassah touches every field and area of medicine, from basic, clinical or applied research.

Every department, unit and clinical institute at Hadassah includes a research arm with state-of-the-art laboratories. In addition to solely focussed academic researchers, Hadassah encourages that every one of its physician is active in research.

Hadassah is always promoting collaborative research; a substantial proportion of research at Hadassah is done in cooperation with researchers from the Hebrew University, as well as other research institutes in Israel and worldwide.

Research is conducted all throughout the hospital; in laboratories that are an inseparable part of the hospital’s clinical departments, also designated research units and in multi-disciplinary research centers (e.g. Women’s Health Center, Institute of Gene Therapy, Bone Marrow Transplantation Center, Cancer Immunotherapy and Cell Therapy, Bone Calcium and Metabolism Research Center, and others).Two of which, Institute of Gene Therapy and the Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research Center, are recognized by The Ministry of Science as national centers, who are providing information, assistance and service to the entire research community in Israel.

The scope and resources for research funding provided to Hadassah represents its importance in the research world

Funding of research at Hadassah is provided via both internal and external sources. The Hadassah Women’s Zionist Organization of America (HWZOA) is committed to research as evidenced by investments made on an ongoing basis. Internal research funds are awarded on a competitive basis, with the aim of attracting external competitive funding from Israeli and international sources. In the area of competitive research, funds for clinical and applied research are sought from pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies.

The high quality of research carried out at Hadassah is evidenced by the large portion of grants awarded each year from competitive sources in Israel as well as worldwide, such as the USA National Institutes of Health, the bi-national funds of Germany, France and USA, the European Union funds, and many private funds and organizations.

Hundreds of clinical trials performed each year at Hadassah are included in the process required in authorizing new drugs, medical methods and devices, for use in humans.