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HCST Symposium


Meet Israeli & French experts and find partners for the HSCT Call for proposls.

The French-Israeli High Council for Science and Technology (HCST) has chosen “Immunology, cancer and ageing” as a priority research topic for 2017-2018. The Israeli Ministry of Science, Technology and Space, together with the French Embassy in Israel have organized a scientific symposium to be held in Tel Aviv the 29th of March 2016, in Tel Aviv.

It will match with the lauching of the HCST call for proposals : three bilateral research projects will benefit from a financial support of up to 80.000€ yearly over a period of 2 years.

This symposium will gather scientists to discuss opportunities for future collaborations between France and Israel in the field of immunological issues in cancer and ageing, in the hope of leading to partnerships between French and Israeli bodies and allow them to apply for the calls for proposals of the HCST and the FIRAD (more information on this below).

Participants will have the opportunity to attend a scientific and industrial symposium, individual meetings, a networking reception, as well as guided tours in well-known Israeli research centers. We expect this symposium to:

​​ § Enable scientists from both countries to meet and encourage them to deliver the latest on this field’s research in France and Israel, in order to highlight prospective fields of scientific research and their possible connexion with industry
§ Enable scientists from both countries to meet and encourage them to build up common projects that could be submitted to the HSCT program and to European funding agencies.

For more information:​

ISRAELI CONTACT: Claire Levaton claire@most.gov.il www.most.gov.il