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Hadassah staff nominated for Rector Awards for Excellence in Teaching, 2016


​Awards for Excellence in Teaching are presented annually to members of the University academic staff judged to have been most outstanding in the quality, organisation and presentation of their teaching.

After the University announcement of the 2016 Rector Awards for Excellence, Professor Eyal Mishani, head of Research & Development at Hadassah personally congratulated the nominees. He emphasized that Hadassah, in conjunction with the University has always sought and continues to seek excellence and leadership in medicine, research and education. He added that, “this vision is part of the mission statement of the institution,” and that “Hadassah places great importance on teaching the next generation and the promotion of excellence of doctors in Israel.”

Mishani went on to state, “winning this title is both a badge of honour for you and this institution.” In conclusion, he went on to wish the awardees to continue to lead and excel in all their activities.

Rector nominations for excellence in pre-clinical teaching :

Dr. Ronit Haimov Kochmann
Dr. Rinat Abramovitch
Professor Colin Block
Dr. Benenson Shmuel
Prof. Ehud Ziv
Prof. Hijazi Abd
Dr. Meyer Keren
Prof. Meiner Vardiella
Professor Sharon Dror
Prof. Yehuda Neumark
Prof. Eli Pikarsky
Prof. Ram Weiss

Rector nominations for excellence in Clinical Teaching :

Prof. Ronit Haimov Kochmann
Dr. Neta Adler
Dr. Alcalai Aharon
Prof. Arie Ben-Yehuda
Professor Dina Ben Yehuda
Dr. Goldschmidt Neta
Prof. Hochner Drorith
Professor Hiller Nurit
Professor Michael Weintraub
Dr Molho-pessach Vered
Dr. Mankota David
Dr. Yoram Maaravi
Prof. Amiram Nir
Prof. Dov Pode
Dr. Porat Shay
Dr. Shveiky David
Dr Szalat Auryan

Dean nominations for excellence :

Dr. Elitzur Yair
Dr. David Arkadir
Dr. Tal Ben-Ami
Dr. Golomb Mordechai
Dr Gielchinsky Ilan