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Our one-stop-shop: Hadassah Clinical Trials taking it up a notch


Hadassah is excited to announce the launch of its Clinical Trials Research Unit (CTRU), which will provide a central and comprehensive framework including ethical, legal, financial and administrative support as well as an oversight of all clinical trials.

Currently, different clinical trials are managed separately either by Hadasit or Hadassah and the Research Fund; a split between commercialization and strict research. As of July 1, 2016 the management of clinical trials will be consolidated under one roof, the CTRU, to ultimately expand all operations to enable the provision of better services for patients, researchers and companies interested in carrying out experiments. All contracts and new agreements will be made through the new CTRU (Hadasit will handle all past contracts and agreements until further notice).

A professional advisory committee has been appointed to work closely with the new Clinical Unit: Professor Yossef Karako will be Chairman, working with Professor Itai Chowers and Professor Tamar Peretz.
The Unit will provide and coordinate all necessary functions and administration to support the researchers and their clinical trials. The Unit will temporarily operate out of the Mother and Child building on floor 1½.

The CTRU team:
Manager - Keren Musiya
Lawyer - Dr. Ofer Tur-Sinai
Strategy - Avihay Neiman
Coordinator - Tamar Hamburger

All questions and issues regarding the CTRU can be directed to: Karen Musyia or Tamar Hamburger (Tamarh@hadassah.org.il)

Professor Mishani and his team wish the entire research staff good luck in their future clinical endeavors.